New issue of CIT

9. 8. 2012.

New issue of the CIT Journal of Computing and Information Technology has been published. This issue contains six papers written by researchers from seven countries which have been accepted in the online review process.

CIT journal topics are represented by papers with the following subjects:

  • the design of distributed mathematical models and suitable parallel architecture of computers,
  • a fuzzy-based distributed algorithm to maintain connected MANET considering freeway mobility model,
  • a One-Time Server-Specific Password Authentication Scheme (OTSSPAS) for preventing password related attacks,
  • an ETL (extracttransform-load) metadata model for the data warehouse,
  • the application of Influence Nets (INs) in the field of financial informatics,
  • a new algorithm based on the LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) for the classification of Arabic texts.

You can find more information about the Journal as well as full text of papers at and on portal Hrcak.