New issue of CIT

22. 10. 2012.

New issue of the CIT.Journal of Computing and Information Technology has been published. This issue is devoted to the Information Technology Interfaces Conference (ITI 2012) and contains 12 papers which have received high ratings in the review process.

Eight Conference topics are represented by selected papers which indicate the broad scope character of the ITI Conference.
Some of the represented topics are:

  • integration of business process models with structured business vocabularies and rules,
  • extension of a popular Java-based platform (OSGi) with asynchronous communication,
  • investigation of the mechanisms for organization of the clusters in wireless sensor networks (WSN),
  • construction of proactive and personalized service for bloggers and its integration with external applications,
  • analysis of on-line survey about need for presence of higher education institutions on social networks,
  • statistical analysis of heavy metals concentration in wastewater along highways in Croatia.

You can find more information about the Journal as well as full text of papers at and on portal Hrcak.