New issue of CIT

10. 4. 2013.

New issue of the CIT Journal of Computing and Information Technology has been published. This issue contains five papers written by researchers from four countries which have been accepted in the online review process, as well as a short account by the Editor-in-Chief, professor V. Glavinic on CIT’s development through 20 years, and an interview with the first Editor-in-Chief L. Budin, Fellow of the Croatian Academy.

CIT journal topics are represented by papers with the following subjects:

  • the improvement of hardware products with respect to their reliability,
  • Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for a special kind of dynamic computer networks, i.e. Mobile Ad-hocNETworks (MANETs),
  • a successful implementation of business intelligence reporting project,
  • mining of the complete set of frequent itemsets, by proposing a novel algorithm named CLOLINK,
  • the application of ontologies in a subset of knowledge management known as competence management.

You can find more information about the Journal as well as full text of papers at and on portal Hrcak.