NI4OS-Europe VS COVID-19 initiative launched

11. 12. 2020.

As part of the NI4OS-Europe project in which SRCE participates as one of the partners, an initiative called „NI4OS-Europe VS COVID-19“ was launched, which opened a fast track access channel to services, tools and software for the scientific communities that perform extensive research to tackle the COVID-19 virus.

The initiative aims to enable the sharing of information on projects related to COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 and existing open datasets in the region, as well as common resources for open science such as public and social nomenclatures and guidelines. Some of them are already available on the NI4OS-Europe wiki page, which will be open for editing to researchers with academic credentials.

In its efforts to learn more about the COVID-19 virus and accelerate ongoing research to find vaccines and stop the pandemic, the scientific community relies on open science, which is why relevant research papers and background data should be available in open access or available during the epidemic - which this initiative enables.

The NI4OS-Europe initiative to combat COVID-19 seeks to make available scientific results that should meet the highest standards, meaning they should be traceable, easily accessible to researchers, effectively shared, practical and actionable. Findings and conclusions should be scrutinized and adequately presented.

Anyone interested in research related to COVID-19 can contact associates from the NI4OS-Europe team for more information via the initiative’s official email address.

More information is available on the NI4OS-Europe COVID-19 page and the NI4OS-Europe COVID-19 wiki page.

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