Notice of cancellation of the SRCE DEI 2020 conference

11. 3. 2020.

Dear participants of the conference SRCE DEI 2020,
dear lecturers,
dear friends of SRCE,

behind us is a long period of joint design, planning and preparation for this year's SRCE DEI 2020 conference. Although the situation in Croatia is still under review, we have to inform you that, taking into account the epidemiological situation and trends, instructions by the competent authorities and assessing the possibilities of ensuring adequate sanitary conditions, and especially the potential health hazard of participants, which we certainly put first of all, we have decided to cancel the SRCE DEI 2020 conference.

We believe that topics related to e-infrastructure, open science and education that we wanted to discuss at SRCE DEI 2020 are extremely topical and important, so making this decision was especially difficult. SRCE will consider the possibility of presenting other content items planned for the conference in other ways throughout the year, and we will keep you informed later. We take this opportunity to thank wholeheartedly everyone who has contributed so far to the preparation of the conference program and our sponsors who have expressed their intention to support this year's conference.

At this point, we are also turning to the preparations for our next conference, SRCE DEI 2021 and the HR-ZOO project conference, and we hope that you will continue to follow and support us in the future.