Ognjen Orel successfully defended PhD thesis

19. 7. 2017.

Ognjen Orel, head of the Academic Information Systems' Department, has successfully defended his PhD thesis on July 13th, 2017 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Thesis title is "Detection of potential misuse in information systems based on temporal graph anomalies", and the main goal of the research was to propose and build the method for identification of potential complex misuses without overstepping of given privileges. Research work also proposes the new completely-timed graph model, temporal relational to temporal graph conversion algorithm, frequent completely-timed subgraph mining algorithm and frequent completely-timed subgraph anomaly detection algorithm as well.

Digital version of the thesis can be found here at http://bib.irb.hr/datoteka/886482.OgnjenOrel_Disertacija.pdf.