Open science - how much do we know about it and what do we expect?

10. 8. 2020.

During the NI4OS-Europe project, SRCE participated in a survey to find out the extent to which stakeholders from the Southeast European science system are familiar with the concept of open science and the objectives and plans related to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The results of the questionnaire are available on the NI4OS-Europe project website and offer insight into the current state of awareness of EOSC, FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles in research data management, and expectations from EOSC at the national level. The number of respondents who participated in the questionnaire was 575.

The questionnaire found that 70 % of researchers and 80 % of consumers were not familiar with the EOSC, while open science facilitators were the most familiar (90 %). A relatively low level of knowledge of FAIR principles is one of the results that the questionnaire revealed; it can be seen that approximately 50 % of stakeholders from partner countries are not familiar with FAIR principles. The results of the research show that there is a significant need for the organization and implementation of training related to FAIR principles and principles, and as many as 90 % of respondents believe that training is necessary or extremely necessary. Currently, more than 60 % of respondents provide training related to their services, which includes courses on intellectual property and copyright, while 40 % of respondents conduct courses related to data storage in repositories. About 60 % of respondents do not provide training related to research data.

When asked what respondents expect from the EOSC, less than 40 % answered. To the greatest extent, respondents expect access to data, support for all services involved, available education and courses, and open access.

EOSC Concept Cloud for South-East Europe

More information about the NI4OS-Europe project can be found on the SRCE website and the project website.