Over 1 PB of traffic through CIX in October

4. 11. 2011.

In the recent period a significant increase in the number of CIX members and changes in the structure of CIX increased the speed of conectivity for members. Because of that, during October 2011. traffic via CIX switches crossed to over 1 PB for the first time.

In October 2011. the total transferred data through CIX was 1114 TB and compared to October 2010. when the total transferre was 179 TB there was an increase by over 500%. Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) currently has 23 members: Amis Telekom, B.net Hrvatska, BTnet, CARNet, Croatia Airlines, Google, H1 Telekom, HEP, HITRONet, HRT, Hrvatski Telekom, i3b Internetbreitbandbetriebs GmbH, Iskon, Magic Telekom, Metronet, Odašiljači i veze, Omonia,Optika kabel TV, Optima Telekom, SoftNET, VeriSign Netherlands VB, VIPnet, Voljatel telekomunikacije.

CIX represents a model of more efficient Internet packet exchange among users and between users and providers of various Internet services enabling more efficient use of transmission capacity and thus reducing the cost for Internet service providers and end users, and increasing the security of Internet traffic and increasing the overall quality of the Internet in Croatia.

More information about the CIX service can be found at www.cix.hr.