Point of Presence (PoP) Hurricane Electric LLC activated in Srce

8. 5. 2017.

On April 21st 2017, Point of Presence (PoP) Hurricane Electric LLC started was activated in Srce.

Srce and Hurricane Electric LLC (HE) signed the agreement November 17, 2016 on hosting the point of presence of HE and, simultaneously, the agreement on HE membership in CIX.

HE is world Tier2 ISP which, through its 150 PoPs enables direct access of over 6000 networks with approx. 45000 IPv4 and 20000 IPv6 prefixes. Most of these PoPs are located in USA and Europe. In this manner shorter delays of internet packages are enabled, i.e. “faster” internet for end users.

HE PoP which is located in Srce i.e. arrival of another Tier2 upstream provider of internet services is certainly a good news for the existing and future CIX members and, by that, to the internet users in Croatia as well. Selection of Srce as HE PoP host additionally emphasizes the significance of CIX in development of Internet in Croatia.