Results of harvesting of the Croatian Internet domain published

10. 9. 2013.

The National and University Library in Zagreb has recognized the value of collecting and preserving Internet content, so since September 2004 in cooperation with SRCE it has selectively been collecting such content – with special attention given to content not available on any other medium – as part of its Croatian Web Archive programme.   In order to broaden the scope of materials archived in this way and so establish as complete picture of the Croatian Web domain as possible, in 2011 and 2012 the Croatian Web Archive carried out two projects aimed at harvesting of the Croatian Internet domain. The results of harvesting of the .hr domain are now available on the website of the Croatian Web Archive. The archived content may be accessed by entering a complete URL (e.g. in the search box and selecting a date or dates of archiving in the calendar.   Five thematic Web archiving projects focusing on specific topics or events have been carried out so far, e.g. Local Elections 2013, Referendum on the Accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, etc. By selecting a chosen title on the list of URLs users get access to the archived version of a given website.   Computing resources for the harvesting were provided by the University Computing Centre (SRCE).