SRCE and SamKnows are working together to improve the quality of broadband across Europe.

29. 3. 2012.

SRCE is collaborating with SamKnows’ EU wide study of European broadband, commissioned by the European Commission. In support of the study, the SRCE have donated a test server in Croatia, which is now live and being used by SamKnows European Commission panelists.

Alex Salter, CEO: “We are delighted to be working with the SCRE and are very grateful for the test server donation. We are keen to enlarge our footprint of donated servers across Europe so that we can continue to collate as much information as possible about the quality of broadband. We welcome collaboration with the SRCE and the wider academic community, who very much share our goal of improving broadband performance globally.

Ivan Maric, Deputy Director SRCE: 'How does this collaboration fit with SRCE's activities over the last few years in improving broadband access in Croatia? The answer is simple as the important step in this activity
should be to measure the quality of broadband in Croatia. Collaboration with SamKnows will provide us with measured results from which to build a true picture of the state of broadband in Croatia.'