SRCE awarded at the EUNIS conference for digital badge paper

4. 7. 2019.

At the EUNIS 2019 conference, June 6, 2019, in Trondheim, Norway, SRCE was awarded recognition for the paper "Why digital badges matter (SRCE experience)" written by Sandra Kučina Softić, Tamara Birkić, Sabina Rako, Irena Jandrić and Tona Radobolja. The paper received the award as one of the six finalists in the selection for The EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award. It was presented at the conference by Sabina Rako.

This is the third acknowledgment to SRCE at the EUNIS Conference; The first prize for the shortlist for the EUNIS Dørup Award in 2013 was the work of Sandra Kučina Softić, Tona Perišić, Zvonko Martinović and Zoran Bekić, "Use of the e-portfolio in the educational process". Another acknowledgment - the EUNIS Elite Award In 2017 was awarded to Draženko Celjak, Zoran Bekić, Marko Cundeković, Ljiljana Jertec, Miroslav Milinović and Alen Zubić who were working on the DABAR - the national infrastructure for digital repositories.

European University Information Systems (EUNIS) is a European organization that, through experience sharing and collaborative work, strives to contribute to the advanced and efficient application of information technologies in higher education in Europe. The EUNIS Conference is held annually and is intended for persons responsible for information technology at higher education institutions and research institutions.


Sabina Rako, head of the Department of Educational Services at SRCE