SRCE DEI 2021 was held online

3. 5. 2021.

Otvaranje konferencije
Opening ceremony

This year's Conference SRCE DEI 2021 was held online on 28 and 29 April 2021, as part of the national strategic project Croatian Science and Education Cloud (HR-ZOO) co-financed by the European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

Paul Feldman - pozvano predavanje
Paul Feldman - keynote

The conference was attended by more than 350 participants who, over two conference days discussed topics regarding international and local open science initiatives, student digital mobility, development of high performance computing skills, security and reliability of digital identities, computing and information systems in science and education, as well as digital technology in teaching and lecturing.

The opening ceremony started with an address by the University Computing Center director Ivan Marić, and the conference programming committee chair Sabina Rako. The opening day included keynote lectures by Jisc CEO Paul Feldman and the Executive Director of the European University Foundation (EUF), Joãoa Bacelar.

João Bacelar - pozvano predavanje
João Bacelar - keynote

Second day, although very busy, kicked off in a celebratory fashion, because the celebrating of SRCE 50th anniversary coincided with the conference proceedings. For this reason, conference included a panel discussion on How to achieve innovativeness and excellence in higher education and science with digital transformation. Conference day wrapped up after 3PM with an informal address and participant greetings by the program and organizing committee members.

Lecture recordings and presentation materials will be available in the following week.