SRCE has a new website

10. 11. 2014.

Dear web users, we present you the redesigned web of University computing centre SRCE! The new website offers information through several different types of views for various screen resolutions and devices in two different versions of contrast webpages and some other functionality.

What's new?

Depending on the resolution of the screen or a device from which the user accesses the web, the web can be shown in several versions. We have enabled the so-called desktop version of the web for narrower and wider screens, as well as version for the tablet, and additionally for mobile devices, in order to maximize readability and usability of the web. Apart from this, we have increased all the fonts and spacing on the web and contrast between text and the background. We have designed and deployed the navigation to make navigation through the content clearer, but content still easily available to users. On pages dedicated to categories of users such as Students; Teachers and researchers, IT experts, Citizens and Institutions we tried to offer content according to their needs. For better accessibility of content to people with sight disabilities, additional template was made with better contrast, using black background and white fonts. This template is available from every page of the web, on all devices via +/- icon located in the header of each page. Additionally, the user can further increase the font by Icon A + | A- | A located in the header of the desktop version of the web.

SRCE’s web in its entirety, from conceptual design, graphic design, layout and implementation in CMS was entirely created by the employees of University computer centre Srce (Mirna Granatir, Gorana Kurtovic, Nino Katic, Matija Grcic, Kruno Golubic and Jasmina Plavac).