SRCE is a participant in monitoring the availability of the EOSC service

13. 3. 2020.

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The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is a virtual environment that provides researchers with open access to data and services for managing, processing and using research data. The EOSC portal is an access point through which researchers access EOSC services and service providers publish their services.

ARGO is a system for monitoring services over the network, sending incidents and reporting on the availability and reliability of the service. Thanks to the new integration of ARGO with the EOSC Portal, the availability monitoring the EOSC service is enabled. Through the public interface ARGO portal operators, users and service providers can check the status of the service and get information about its availability and reliability in the selected time period.

ARGO is jointly developed and maintained by SRCE, GRNET (Greek Research and Technology Network) experts from Greece and CNRS (Center National de la Recherche Scientifique) from France. Integration with the Portal is currently in a pilot phase, and the team will continue the development and adjustments needed to better monitor the service.

Emir Imamagic, head of the SRCE team involved in the development of the ARGO system, said: "Monitoring the availability of services is crucial to providing reliable and quality services to researchers. For many years, ARGO has been monitoring a number of large e-Infrastructures such as EGI and EUDAT, and with this integration we have demonstrated how it can integrate quickly and effectively with new environments. "

The availability and reliability of EOSC services can be seen on the EOSC page.