SRCE participated at International conference PUBMET2022

26. 9. 2022.

From September 14 to 16, 2022, the Ninth International Conference on Scientific Publishing in the Context of Open Science - PUBMET2022 was held in Zadar.

The topics of this year's conference were:

redesign of open access - how can the scientific community retain rights over research results and what are the alternatives to paying for open access through high fees to publishers how to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in scientific communication - what changes and challenges are brought about by the changes achieved by applying the principles of open science fairness of open science - although the advocates of open science advocate for greater transparency, accountability and equality through open access to research results and tools necessary for work, we must take into account the possible deepening of inequality between richer and poorer scientific communities the potential of public engagement in science - how to improve cooperation between scientists and society and increase the impact of scientific research on society, can the public participate in research and in what ways? evaluating the quality of the research process, research results and different ways of publication - in what ways does open science change the evaluation criteria that are crucial for the promotion of scientists?

As part of the "DIGITOOLS - The future of open digital education" workshop, which took place on September 14 on the pre-conference day, a panel was held in which the assistant director of SRCE, Assoc. Ph.D. Sandra Kučina Softić. The organizer of the workshop was the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, which is also a partner in the DIGITOOLS project. The topic of the panel was the digital transformation of education, and Sandra Kučina Softić spoke about the importance of digital competences in the context of the digital transformation of education. The Erasmus+ project DIGITOOLS is implemented with the aim of providing assistance to teachers in the introduction of digital tools and new teaching methods in the university educational space.

Pomoćnica ravnatelja Srca doc. dr. sc. Sandra Kučina Softić na konferenciji PUBMET 2022

In the program of the first day of the conference on September 15, 2022, Draženko Celjak, together with Alen Vodopijevac from the "Ruđer Bošković" Institute, gave a presentation on the topic "Open Science in an open cloud". In their presentation, they presented the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the NI4OS-Europe project, one of whose goals is the development of national initiatives for open science and their inclusion in EOSC. In Croatia, at the instigation of the Heart, the Initiative for the Croatian Cloud for Open Science (HR-OOZ) was created, the work of which will create a national plan for open science and a catalog of services and resources of HR-OOZ. The discussion emphasized the importance of the national cloud and catalog of services, i.e. national support to service providers in standardization and better documentation of services so that services are more visible, more understandable to researchers and more ready for inclusion in EOSC.

Draženko Celjak i Alen Vodopijevac - izlaganje na temu „Open Science in an open cloud“

In their presentation, they presented the links between national and European initiatives in the field of open science and the ways in which they complement each other. They also presented mechanisms for encouraging and rewarding open science practices, which are vital components of the entire open science ecosystem.

The organizers of this year's PUBMET2022 conference are the Department of Information Sciences of the University of Zadar, the Croatian Association for Scientific Communication ZNAK, the Ruđer Bošković Institute, the University of Zagreb and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka.