SRCE published new handbook: "How to Manage Research Data?"

24. 9. 2020.

SRCE has published the handbook about research data management called “How to Manage Research Data?”, that provides guidelines on how to manage research data for efficient sharing and reuse in accordance with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles. The content of the handbook is suitable for students, librarians and anyone interested in the topic of research data management.

The handbook follows the life cycle of research data and provides guidelines for researchers about data management before, during and after the research. The first part of the handbook covers the  development of a data management plan (DMP), which ensures that data is preserved and usable after the end of the project. The second part covers the phases of data collection, processing and analysis which includes the topics of naming and organization, versioning, file formats, documentation, metadata and reliable storage of research data during research.

The third part covers topics related to the research data management after the end of the research, which includes long-term storage, sharing and re-use of data, personal and sensitive data management, defining the rights to use (licenses) data, recommendations for choosing appropriate repository for log-term preservation and use of correct data citation styles. Each chapter of the handbook includes a list of useful tools that makes it easier to manage and work with research data.

The handbook was created as part of the activities within the RDA Europe 4.0 project in cooperation with the University of Rijeka Library, the University of Split Library, the City and University Library Osijek and the National and University Library in Zagreb and was presented as part of this year's PUBMET2020 conference on scientific communication and publishing in the context of open science.

Handbook: "How to Manage Research Data?"