SRCE successfully responded to the challenge of online education

20. 3. 2020.

In the week that is just ending, which has been very intense for all systems under the jurisdiction of SRCE and the teams that take care of those systems, teaching at colleges has not stopped, it has moved to an online environment: on the SRCE e-learning platform, Merlin, in the past week 6,000 new courses have been opened, which ultimately makes 21,124 e-courses for this academic year. For comparison, throughout the whole academic year 13,037 e-courses were opened. There have been a large number of teachers who have not used e-learning tools so far, and they also needed support to cope with the online environment provided by the SRCE E-Learning Center. The staff of the E-Learning Center responded to more than 600 teacher inquiries this week.

And the number of webinars held on the SRCE system is striking: on average, 420 webinars were held in the first part of the week (for comparison, a total of 1,421 webinars were held throughout 2019).

The central system from which reliable work depends on all stakeholders and systems in science and education, the system AAI@EduHr (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure of the Science and Higher Education System in the Republic of Croatia) has completed more than 4,100,000 successful authentications in a week, compared to the usual weekly average of approximately 705,000 authentications. The activity of more than 446,500 users was recorded. After some overloads early in the week, the system has been operating normally for the past few days.

Through the eduroam and StuDOM services, more than 3,280,000 accesses have been made to the network with the help of AAI@EduHr identity over the same period.

SRCE online courses were also in high demand and the number of users (152) who joined the online course system for the first time was 50% higher than in the average week and the number of courses enrollment increased by the same percentage. Educational materials available in open access have been downloaded about 9,000 times.

SRCE Helpdesk answered 235% more queries than in an average work week.

The servers, computer systems, the network, and the SRCE teams behind it, as well as the entire SRCE remote work and business organization, have done their job flawlessly.

We thank our customers for their patience and our staff for the will, persistence and above-average commitment to solving all of this week's challenging challenges for all of us. We continue online next week, and please: #stayathome.