SRCE will host the representatives of the ministry of education of the EU countries at the workshop about the support of teachers in higher education

6. 12. 2017.

A two-day international workshop Supporting educators for innovative, open and digital education is held in University computing centre SRCE on 7th and 8th December 2017. The workshop is held under the Strategic Framework for European Co-operation in Education and Training ET2020 at the European Commission, Working Group for digital skills and competences.

More than 40 representatives from the ministries of education from 18 European Union member states will be attending the workshop and discuss how to provide quality and systematic support to higher education teachers to be digitally competent and self-confident in teaching in open and innovative way. The hosts of this workshop are the University Computing Centre SRCE and the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia.

These workshops (Peer Learning Activity) are organized periodically within ET2020 working groups and the hosts are individual EU member states. The aim of workshops is exchange of knowledge and information as well as examples of good practice that will contribute to preparation of guidelines and recommendations from working groups that will be forwarded to the European Commission and used as a support to the documents and actions plans that are being implemented.

Continuous professional development of teachers in the higher education is among the priorities of the Strategic Framework for European Co-operation in Education and Training ET2020. Although the application of new technologies in higher education is considered to be integral part of education process, the amount and variety of technologies available and the skill levels required from teachers for their use is increasing every day.

Teachers are faced with challenge to know which technologies and how to implement in their teaching in order to improve the quality of education outcomes and to encourage students to be motivated, active participants in the educational process.

The documents issued by the European Commission, including the Renewed Agenda for Higher Education (2017), particularly emphasize the challenge of digitization, the key role of educators and the need for quality and well-designed higher education programs and curriculum.

During a two-day workshop, the participants will discuss the following issues:

  1. What digital skills and competences are needed for teachers in the higher education system to advance in the rapidly evolving digital society and economy?
  2. How much do the state bodies and institutions in the higher education system through policies, strategies and concrete measures support the continuous improvement of teachers in the higher education system?
  3. How to ensure the best support for teachers in the implementation of open educational content in higher education?

This workshop will also present a new European framework for the digital competences of educators, just published by the European Commission.

At the beginning of the workshop the participants will be welcomed by the Minister of Science and Education, prof. dr. sc. Blaženka Divjak, the Director of the University computing centre SRCE, Ph.D. Zoran Bekić and the Deputy Head of Representation, European Commission office Mrs. Mirella Rašić.

Workshop program is available at, and the workshops will be available for follow online, via the webinar system, at the following address: