Study Visit as a part of the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme

17. 5. 2013.

The E-Learning Centre of the University Computing Centre SRCE will host a study visit titled "Supporting Teachers with Technology Improved Learning" in the period from May 20 to May 24, 2013.   The visit is organized as a part of the European Union Lifelong Learning programme. After a very successful visit organized last year, SRCE applied for the organization of a study visit again and received excellent reviews as well as the opportunity to host another study visit this year. SRCE is the only institution in Croatia which has organized a study visit twice.   The E-learning Centre SRCE will host 14 participants from 12 European countries who will have the possibility to see how support is organized and conducted in Croatia for teachers who want to use ICT in their teaching. The aim is to exchange experiences and ideas, as well as to improve the existing ways of providing support for teachers in the use of innovative technologies in teaching.   For further information visit this page.