UNESCO accepts Guidelines for open education

28. 11. 2019.

At its Annual Assembly in Paris on 25 November 2019, UNESCO adopted the Guidelines for Open Educational Content. This further promotes education for all and supports the development and sharing of open educational content for learning and teaching, which benefits students, teachers and researchers alike.

The UNESCO Guidelines at the International Level facilitate the creation, use and adaptation of quality open educational content. In addition, the Guidelines emphasize the importance of adopting policies that not only support open educational content, but also encourage the development of sustainable models of open educational content.

In SRCE, open education has been supported for a number of years and transparent and open access to information as well as educational content produced in SRCE has been implemented.

Through our envoy, Sandra Kučina Softić, Assistant Director for Education and Support, SRCE participated in the Second World Congress on Open Educational Content in Ljubljana in 2017, as well as at a UNESCO meeting in May this year where experts from the countries of the world worked on the final improvements of the Guidelines before the Annual General Meeting.

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