Upgrade of Isabella cluster

28. 9. 2018.

Upgrade of Isabella cluster was finished on Tuesday, September 25th 2018.

New distributed storage system using BeeGFS with total capacity of 756 TiB was rolled into production. New system will replace the existing two systems with total capacity of 200 TiB. New system is equipped with both FDR Infiniband and 10g Ethernet which will make it equally efficient from frontend and worker nodes. Measured streaming read and write performance of the new system is 14 GB/s.

In addition new frontend with CentOS 7 operating system was deployed on address teran.srce.hr. Job queues and parallel environments were reorganized based on recent users' requests. In addition, new compilers, libraries and user applications were deployed. Group of worker nodes were migrated to the new environment and remaining will be migrated as the users jobs finish.

Detailed information can be found in user documentation.