Very successful study visit in the organization of the E-learning Centre SRCE

27. 5. 2013.

The study visit “Supporting Teachers with Technology Improved Learning” organized by the University Computing Centre (SRCE) E-learning Centre took place from May 20 to May 24 and it was attended by 14 participants from 12 European countries. During the visit, the participants had the possibility to see how support in the use of ICT in teaching is organized and conducted in Croatia, especially at the University of Zagreb and its faculties, as well as other institutions and schools.

Most of the programme took place at the University Computing Centre where the participants were welcomed by the director of SRCE Zoran Bekić, Ph.D. The participants also visited the Rector’s Office of the University of Zagreb, V. Gimnazija high school, and the Faculty of Organization and Informatics and II. and IV. primary schools in Varaždin.

Members of the Centre presented its activities and experiences in the organization and provision of user support. The participants were interested to hear about the e-portfolio system and Moodle since most of participants use the Moodle system themselves. During the workshop, which took place on Wednesday, they were able to discuss which problems teachers face when they want to enhance their teaching with the use of technology and what kind of support they expect and need in that process. Each participant had a chance to present his/her experiences and examples of good practice, and in discussions and informal gatherings they were able to exchange ideas and acquire new knowledge.

The participants especially commended the quality of the programme and excellent organization of the study visit. They described the study visit as extremely successful and expressed a wish to stay in touch and cooperate on future projects.

This was the second study visit in the organization of the E-learning Centre at SRCE. New knowledge and interaction with colleagues from Europe, as well as the exchange of ideas and experiences, gave a new incentive for even better work and a possibility to demonstrate the Centre’s achievements internationally.