Borongaj Campus Network Operations Center

Borongaj Campus Network Operations Center takes care of stable and smooth operation of Campus communications infrastructure. The main objective is to continuously provide modern studies through unlimited and fast access to information and content sources.

From the early beginning of Campus backbone network planning (Borongaj Campus Backbone Network – BCBN) Srce provided support to University of Zagreb in terms of advisory services and coordination of network infrastructure upbuilding. After the initial construction of communications system and network backbone, and grand opening of the Campus in October 2007, the need for further development and maintenance was recognized. Following these needs in April 2008 Network operations centre was officially formed.

Basic activities

  • Building, surveillance and maintenance of wired and wireless Campus network infrastructure
  • Surveillance and maintenance of Campus WAN network connectivity to CARNet network
  • Building, surveillance and maintenance of IP telephony system
  • Implementation of new network services
  • Providing expert help to IT administrators of Campus institutions
  • Connecting new locations (buildings) to the Campus backbone network with implementation of standard services
  • Campus web portal maintenance


  • Centre for Croatian Studies
  • Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
  • Student Centre
  • Faculty of Economics and Business

Campus 'in numbers'

  • 5 institutions
  • 13 buildings
  • 54 network switch
  • 63 wireless access points
  • 10 uninterruptible power supplies
  • 236 IP telephones