Croatian Internet eXchange

CIX logoUniversity Computing Centre is providing hosting to national point for common exchange of Internet traffic - Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX), and is responsible for reliable and stable functioning of CIX.

CIX users are commercial providers of Internet services (ISPs) in Croatia, non-commercial and private networks.

SRCE is responsible for all technical requirements related to location, maintenance and monitoring of CIX equipment. Within the scope of providing CIX host services, SRCE ensures:

  • adequate facilities for placement of CIX equipment (satisfactory climatic conditions, with adequate power supply and access control),
  • local CIX computational network (active networking equipment and assignment of IP address to CIX members),
  • basic technical support to CIX members.

Standard activities also include maintenance of public information service and support to CIX members in implementation of infrastructure necessary for connecting to CIX. 

You can find additional information about CIX at CIX web site.