IT systems monitoring

Years of experience in maintaining and monitoring of large number of computer resources resulted in service "Computer Resource Monitoring System" which enables all higher-education institutions efficient planning and monitoring of its own computer resources.

Service is intended for IT departments of higher education, scientific and research institutions.

Purpose of establishing such a service:

  • ensuring reliable operation of computer equipment (servers, personal computers, network equipment, printers)
  • timely reaction of responsible personel to service outages and anomalies (mail, web, etc.)
  • analysis of effectiveness of computer equipment and its maintenance
  • effective planning of hardware and software upgrades

Features of IT Systems Monitoring :

  • monitoring of services and notifications in case of outages and anomalies
  • monitoring the performance of hardware and software components of computer equipment
  • monitoring of administrative and technical information on computer equipment including hierarchy of components and environment
  • recording activities related to computer equipment
  • integration of service availability, performance and inventory data
  • integration with authentication and authorization infrastructure AAI@EduHr