Wireless networks (WLAN)

People working wirelessly at a tableSRCE provides professional tehnical support to institutions from Higher Education with managing and maintaining their local Wi-Fi using cloud enabled network management system located in a SRCE's private cloud.  

The objective is to provide as many users as possible with an easy access to the Internet and to improve the conditions of studies and scientific work . This objective is accomplished by facilitating mobility of the teachers and students, allowing them undisturbed (in terms of both time and space) access to information content and sources. Starting point in the realisation of this idea is our clear vision that the process of studying and scientific research is an extremely important possibility of access to educational and other information resources via the Internet, regardless of place and time.

Access to the network, services and content is allowed only to community members who have been assigned electronic identity by their home institution. Through the project, access to the network is implemented according to eduroam™ (education roaming) standard.