Secondary DNS Servers

Stylized SRCE URL

University Computing Centre (SRCE) provides secondary DNS server service, free of charge  for any user of .hr domains. Exceptionally, government bodies and public institutions of the Republic of Croatia may request secondary DNS server service for domain space out of .hr top-level domain (TLD).  Delegated DNS server is Contact address for users is The applicant can request service by  e-mail. The administration of service is based  on the information from .hr TLD Registry provided by CARNet.

Following  preconditions are required:

  • Registered .hr domain name.
  • added as NS record in domain zone NS record-set on primary DNS server for domain in question; also, added as  NS record in hr. TLD registry for domain in question.
  • Name and e-mail address of the applicant corresponding to administrative or technical person in .hr TLD registry.
  • Allowed zone-transfer for domain in question from primary DNS server to secondary DNS server (