OA and OER at SRCE

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University Computing Centre (SRCE) supports the Croatian Declaration on Open Access and encourages open access and the usage of open educational resources (OER). Following the principles of open access, SRCE has issued a document "Open Access Policy" (PDF, 410 KB) on September 3, 2014.

In 2015, SRCE also signed The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery in Digital Age, endorsing Declaration's new principles around access to facts, data and ideas.

In March 2015, SRCE contributed to the Open Education Week with a short video What are open educational resources? (in Croatian). In October 2015, SRCE joined the Open Access Week by making the information poster about Open Access (PDF, 4,04 MB), its benefits and services in SRCE that contribute to OA publishing or open education in general.

SRCE contributes to the culture of open access in Croatia by maintaining the Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia HRČAK, which offers the access to the journals following the Open Access Initiative and Digital Academic Archives and Repositories DABAR.

Another service aimed at supporting the initiative for open access is the Aggregator of Croatian Repositories and Archives (Cro. Agregator hrvatskih repozitorija i arhiva, ARA). The system automatically collects searchable metadata from Croatian OAI-PMH compliant repositories and archives. ARA is registered on the list of services which are maintained by the Open Archive Initiative.

Since 2004, SRCE has been cooperating with the National and University Library on the development of the Croatian Web Archive (Cro. Hrvatski arhiv weba). At the same time, a project of setting up a system for gathering and archiving a compulsory copy of web publications (Digital Archive of Web publications, Cro. Digitalni arhiv mrežnih publikacija, DAMP). The aim is to archive selected materials and secure long-term preservation of Internet publications for future generations.

Open education in Croatia with SRCE as its leader, was added to Open Education web-site which was established by the Open Education Working Group.

In 2016 SRCE established mini-portal “SRCE and open education”. The portal gathers online courses, learning materials and other educational resources that have been made by SRCE and published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike and the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives licences.

SRCE offers a variety of online courses in a field of ICT which are all available for free. The courses are in Croatian language.

The importance of adding openness to education and educational resources is emphasized with one of the free SRCE’s on-line courses - “Using Creating Commons licences on educational resources” (also in Croatian).