Public Access to the Internet

University Computing Centre provides services of free access to the Internet by means of the computational-communication infrastructure of SRCE. These services consists of:

  • access to the Internet without authorization, by means of a webomat
  • access to the Internet with authorization by means of
    • public terminals and
    • personal computers owned by the users, by means of a wireless network or fixed network port.

According to the Rules for the use of services of public Internet access in visitors' area at Srce, following groups are entitled to use these services:

  • students, teachers and employees of institutions for higher education
  • course participants/ participants in educational activities at Srce
  • participants of public events that take place at Srce.

The Internet can be accessed in visitors' area on the ground floor of SRCE's offices.

Internet access without authorization

webomati u Srcu

Webomats are allowed to access the contents and services on the Internet by means of HTTP and HTTPS protocols, but only those contents and services which can be found at standard ports. Webomats can be used only for viewing standard contents and services on the web.

Webomat users can not store contents onto portable external media.

Access to the Internet with Authorization

Terminali u Srcu

ll members of the academic community who log on correctly before starting to use the system are entitled to access the Internet with prior authorization.

Authorization and authentication is done by means of AAI system of the academic community. To allow that, user profiles of those who wish to use this kind of service of public access to the Internet have to be registered in LDAP servers of their institutions. Users log on to the system using their user ID from the AAI system of academic community and appropriate password.

Access to the Internet by Means of Public Terminals

Public terminals are computers with installed support for logon by means of the AAI system.

From public terminals all standard contents and services on the Internet can be accessed, and all locally installed programmes can be used. Standard programs which have been installed on the computers are: MS Office 2003, MS Front Page 2003, putty and web and multimedia browsers.

Access to the Internet by Means of the User Owned Personal Computers

Several fixed network ports, as well as access by means of a wireless network, is ensured for user owned personal computers.

To be able to access the Internet, user has to have installed client programme for authentication by means of 802.1x protocol. If the user doesn't have client programme, he can obtain it at helpdesk, where he can also receive instructions for client installation and tuning.