SRCE is offering its users a new service based on the tool of open code LimeSurvey which is used for creation of questionnaires. The only prerequisite for the development and implementatiion of the survey is having an electronic identity in the system AAI@EduHr. No other restrictions are set before the users.

When creating a questionnaire, the user first enters the name and basic information about the questionnaire, then defines the group and finally inserts the questions in that group. The user has a choice of twenty different types of questions with the help of which he can collect answers from the participants. It is possible to choose between simple YES/NO queries, questions with multiple choice of answers and all the way to complex tables (boxes) for insertion of answers. A very useful possibility is that of setting conditions for printing a particular question, depending on the previous answers of participants in the survey.

The answers can be viewed directly in the application, but for questionnaires with a larger number of questions this can be rather non-transparent. Therefore, the survey results can be produced as Microsoft Excel or SPSS files. LimeSurvey also offers the possibility of creating simple statistical reports and charts that can be downloaded in HTML, PDF or XLS formats.

Although this tool is primarily designed for collecting answers from anonymous participants, it is possible to define a list of users who are invited to participate in the survey. In such cases, the participants are sent, by e-mail, a unique token by which they can access the survey.

The service is available at the official LimeSurvey websiteDetailed instructions for use are also available at the official website (only in Croatian), and the contact address is