Project called 'Organization of local computer networks in dormitories (StuDOM)' provided students in Osijek and Zagreb with Internet access from their student rooms.

The main idea of the Organization of local computer networks in dormitories (StuDOM) project was to provide Internet access to all students living in dormitories. Same or even better studying conditions were insured in this way, because of the possibility of accessing information resources on the Internet. This also included a clear vision that the possibility of accessing educational and other information resources available through the global network was exceptionally important for the study process today.

By introducing the Internet to dormitory rooms, students are provided with access to educational content which is present or will come to their colleges and universities, with the possibility to resolve paperwork related to the studying process through the network, e.g. through the system such as the Information system of higher education colleges (ISVU), to have access to information sources in libraries and other information centres during their learning process, in Croatia as well as in the world. The new level of infrastructure allows future students to also use advanced Internet multimedia applications, new services from their rooms, which will become obligatory in the educational process and university life.

All four phases of StuDOM project have finished, phase A (01/08/2003 - 31/12/2003), phase B (01/04/2004 - 31/01/2005), phase C (14/03/2005 - 13/03/2005) and phase F (06/03/2006 - 05/03/2006). In all four phases of the project the total of 9,606 beds which is 100% of the total accommodation capacity of all student dormitories in the Republic of Croatia have been connected in the network.

All student dormitories in Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Varaždin, Zadar and Zagreb have been connected in the computer network. Ministry of  Science, Education and Sports and Srce on May 16, 2007 signed the agreement on cooperation on the project 'Maintainance and improvement services of  the existing central communication system of student dormitories in the Republic of Croatia, StuDOM Center of Support', thereby creating conditions for  providing professional support to individuals and institutions in charge of maintaining the established StuDOM infrastructure (upgrading and maintainance of the network equipment, Linux servers, training of student center employees...)