08 September 2020

Today, the Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) marks it's 20th anniversary. It was founded by the signing of the Memorandum on the Establishment of a National Internet Traffic Exchange Center on September 8, 2000.

24 March 2020

In the past week, the first in which online education began in Croatia as a whole, and in which many public and state authorities intensified their transition to work in an online environment, there was a 15% increase in traffic through CIX.

08 May 2017

On April 21st 2017, Point of Presence (PoP) Hurricane Electric LLC started was activated in Srce.

22 September 2016

SRCE delivered Recommendations for the use of the national IX point for the exchange of Internet traffic in the framework of the Action plan for the implementation of the National Strategy for cyber security.

08 September 2015

On September 8th 2015. The University Computing Center held a ceremonial session to mark the 15 years Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX), a national center for the exchange of Internet traffic.

04 November 2011

In October traffic via CIX switches crossed to over 1 PB for the first time. That constitutes an increase in over 500% comparing to October 2010.

10 October 2011

In the recent period a significant increase in the number of CIX members and changes in the structure of CIX increased the speed of conectivity for members. On September 29th traffic via CIX switches crossed to over 5 Gbps for the first time.

13 April 2010

Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) will celebrate its 10 anniversary this year. CIX is Croatian national center for exchange of Internet traffic settled in University Computing Centre (Srce). It is available to all providers of Internet services for commercial, and non-commercial or private... Više

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