digital repository

08 April 2021

Content published using the national infrastructure for digital repositories Digital Academic Archives and Repositories (DABAR) is now indexed in the EBSCO Discovery System (EDS).

02 October 2015

Bachelor's and master's theses written at Croatian higher education institutions are uploaded and made publicly available via Digital Academic Archives and Repositories (Dabar), built and maintained by SRCE.

28 August 2015

SRCE released Digital Academic Archives and Repositories (DABAR) on August 17th. All higher education and/or research institutions in Croatia can establish their digital repository on their Internet domain through Dabar, free of charge.

19 March 2015

Digital Repositories day 2015 was held on Wednesday, March 18th at University Computing Centre SRCE. The aim of this event was to gather individuals who are interested in development, advanced use and maintenance of digital repositories in Croatia.

02 March 2015

After successful last year's first Digital Repositories day held at University Computing Centre Srce, we are pleased to invite you to this all-day event for the second time.

24 March 2014

The University Computing Centre – SRCE organized and held “Day of Digital Repositories”. The goal of this event was to gather all those who are developing and maintaining or they are in the process of planning digital repositories and want to exchange knowledge and experience in this area.

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