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17 August 2020

On this day five years ago, SRCE released the DABAR (Digital Academic Archives and Repositories) service into production. During this period, 142 digital repositories were established on DABAR and 127,716 objects were published.

24 July 2020

A new COVID-19 page has been implemented on the Portal of Croatian Scientific and Professional Journals - HRČAK, which brings together papers related to the topic of COVID-19 from various scientific fields published in journals in HRČAK.

03 March 2020

On February 27, 2020, the first RDA event, "Research Data - What About Them?", was organized at the University of Rijeka Convention Center, organized by the Croatian National RDA Node (SRCE) and the University Library Rijeka.

28 November 2019

At its Annual Assembly in Paris on 25 November 2019, UNESCO adopted the Guidelines for Open Educational Content, to which SRCE also contributed.

17 October 2019

A working meeting of the ARGO team was held in SRCE in September 2019, which, as part of the H2020 EOSC-Hub project, works on the development, integration and maintenance of central infrastructure and collaboration services.

18 October 2018

SRCE – University of Zagreb University Computing Centre will join the international Open Access Week that will be held from October 22 to October 28, 2018.

01 March 2018

Open Education Week is a global initiative that raises awareness about the Open Education Movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. In 2018, the OE Week takes place from March 5th to 9th.

14 November 2017

On October 27, 2017, the European Commission presented the final Work Programme for Horizon 2020, covering the investment period 2018-2020 and representing an investment of around €30 billion.

22 March 2017

As well as previous years University Computing Centre SRCE will join the global OpenEducation Week, which will take place from March 27 - 31, 2017.

02 November 2016

SRCE - University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre joined the global Open Access Week, which took place from October 24 to October 30, 2016.

18 March 2016

SRCE joined the international Open education week 2016 (March 7th-11th), global initiative with a purpose to highlight how open education can help people meet their goals in education.

22 May 2015

University Computing Centre SRCE signed The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery in the Digital Age on May 20, 2015.

30 April 2015

Hrčak has been validated and registered as a data source on OpenAIRE portal, making articles published on Hrčak also available on the portal. The article visibility is increased as well as the probability of being quoted.

16 January 2014

HRČAK is an Open Access portal of Croatian scientific journals. Its target audince are journal editorial boards/editors, as well as Croatian and international scientific and scholarly public.

02 November 2011

During the Open Access Week held at University Campus in Rijeka, between 26th and 27th October ,Srce presented Croatian Portal of scientific journals - Hrčak.

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