Computing labs and technical support to events


The service „Computing Labs and technical support to events“ provides quality and comfortable spaces and technical prerequisites for the implementation of educational programs in the building of Srce and at other locations where Srce's courses take place. It also meets technical and other requirements for  holding videoconferences and other events in Srce's computing labs (such as presentations, recording of events , etc.).

Users of this service are services and projects of Srce as well as the institutions included in the system of higher education and science.

Regular activities carried out by Srce's computing lab team are the following:

  • Technical maintenance of facilities and equipment in  located in computing labs, including also the Polycon system for holding videoconferences
  • Processing of requests for the organizaton of videoconferences and other events as well as scheduling the use of the facilities and equipment
  • Maintenance of central servers for the needs of computing labs
  • Maintenance of computer network in the computing labs
  • Software upgrade of computers in the computing labs used for Srce's courses
  • Preparation and adjustment of equipment for the purpose of specific events and operating the equipment during the events.

Srce's courses and other events held in the classrooms (computing labs) take place in three classrooms located at Srce (A, B and E1) and in one located at the Faculty of Eledctrical Engineering and Computing. All of them are equipped with modern computing and presentation equipment which is updated  and maintained on regular basis.

Along with standard equipment,  classroom A1 also contains communications equipment  for holding network courses – Cisco Academy.  Classroom  E is a multifunctional room with audio and video equipment for supporting videoconferences, webinars and other multimedia events.