Internet telephony (VoIP)  service allows  institutions to reduce the costs of voice communication and maintenance of commercial solutions (local telephone exchanges).

It allows free communication between the constituents of the University of Zagreb and is based on the free and opensource solution located at Srce and the Borongaj Campus. Institutions wishing to use this service have to purchase user devices (IP phones, ATA devices...) and switch to „SIP trunk technology to exit to the public voice network, in accordance with technical specifications provided by Srce. Initial configuring of user devices, configuring of advanced functionalities, as well as system and applicative maintenance of IP telephone exchange, are the responsibilities of Srce

Access of user devices to IP telephone exchanges situated at Srce's locations is achieved  via CARNet network or  BCBN within the Borongaj Campus. An institution having multiple locations combines all its locations on the same IP telephone exchange,  by which it is achieved that  all calls between  all locations become local and, therefore, free of charge. Combining multiple locations on the same IP telephone exchange enables also reducing of the number of voice channels to the public voice network, which is another way to save money.

Some of the functionalities of IP telephony within this service include:

  • Supervised Call Transfer;
  • Blind Call Transfer;
  • Conference Bridging;
  • Call Forward all Calls;
  • Call Forward on Busy;
  • Call Forward on No Answer;
  • Call Pickup;
  • Voicemail;
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR);
  • Call Parking;
  • Direct Inward Dialing;
  • Call Waiting;
  • Call Hold;
  • Caller ID;
  • Call Ignore;
  • Do Not Disturb;
  • Music On Hold;
  • LDAP Corporate Directory;
  • Speed Dial;
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

List of UNIZG constituents currently using VOIP service:

  • Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (Borongaj Campus);
  • Faculty of Economics and Business (Borongaj Campus);
  • Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (Borongaj Campus, Kušlanova);
  • University Centre for Croatian Studies (Borongaj Campus);
  • University of Zagreb, Rectorate (Trg maršala Tita 14, Zvonimirova 8);
  • Student centre (Borongaj Campus);
  • University computing centre Srce (J. Marohnića 5, Borongaj Campus).