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L210: Advanced Linux System Administration I

Slika - Srce Linux akademija

Trajanje tečaja: 25 školskih sati

Priručnik za tečaj (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Priručnik za tečaj (DOC, 1.1 MB)


The Linux Kernel

  1. Kernel Components
  2. Compiling a Kernel
  3. Patching a Kernel
  4. Customising a Kernel

System Startup

  1. Customising the Boot Process
  2. System Recovery
  3. Customised initrd

The Linux Filesystem

  1. Operating the Linux Filesystem
  2. Maintaining a Linux Filesystem
  3. Configuring automount

Hardware and Software Configuration

  1. Software RAID
  2. LVM Configuration
  3. CD Burners and Linux
  4. Bootable CDROMs
  5. Configuring PCMCIA Devices

File and Service Sharing

  1. Samba Client Tools
  2. Configuring a SAMBA Server
  3. Configuring an NFS Server
  4. Setting up an NFS Client

System Maintenance

  1. System Logging
  2. RPM Builds
  3. Debian Rebuilds

System Automation

  1. Writing Simple Perl Scripts (using modules)
  2. Using the Perl taint module to secure data
  3. Installing Perl Modules (CPAN)
  4. Check for Process Execution
  5. Monitor Processes and Generate Alerts
  6. Using rsync