MoodleMoot 2015 - pozvani predavači

16. lipnja 2015., Srce, Zagreb


DR. MARK GLYNN, Head of the Teaching Enhancement Unit, Dublin City University, Irska 

Topic: Getting staff engaged in Moodle - experience from the DCU



Mark has a PhD in Chemistry, a MSc in e-learning and a certificates in Learning and Teaching in higher education and online assessment. Mark has a deep insight into the key issues for higher education in Ireland in particular the implementation of national strategy for higher education, the technological universities and flexible learning. He plays key leadership roles in promoting innovative teaching and learning methods throughout the sector and is considered to be a leading authority in the use of virtual learning environments. Mark has also had leadership roles in the Irish Learning Technology Association and the Learning Innovation Network, two of the leading organisations for learning innovation in Irish higher education.

Mark has organised a range of national and international teaching and learning conferences for higher education. The main aim of his current role is to encourage and enable staff in DCU to increase their capacity to offer flexible learning. This involves managing both organisational and pedagogical based projects. Mark manages the learning technologies within DCU including the learning management system - Moodle. More information is available through or his blog

Mark has 16 publications in the last four years in the area of teaching and learning, including several presentations at international conferences. Furthermore, seven academic publications in peer reviewed journals, based on his research. These papers have over 1500 citations between them.

Open University, United Kingdom

Topic: The Moodle quiz at the Open University: How we use it and how that helps students



Tim first encountered Moodle nearly 10 years ago, and has been component lead for the quiz module for the last 9 years. He is a Senior software developer in the Open University IT department. Previously, he spent a year working at Moodle HQ in Perth, Western Australia.

About the presentation:

The Open University is purely a distance learning institution, so teaching online is very important to us. Our Moodle site is one of the largest and most active in the world.

Online quizzes are used in courses across a range of academic disciplines at the Open University. Many teaching staff across the university have researched the ways that students respond to online quizzes and whether they help them learn. This talk will summarise some of the things we have learned from that research.