CRO NGI is a common resource of the scientific and academic community and represents the fundamental infrastructure for the scientific research, the application of new technologies and the integration of Croatia and Croatian scientists into the European Research (ERA) and European Higher Education (EHEA) Area.

SRCE HTC Cloud service is based on cloud computing, on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially computing power and data storage (cloud storage), without direct active management by the user. HTC Cloud is based on open systems:

  • Openstack – set of software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms
  • Ceph – distributed object store and file system

HTC Cloud provides flexibility in using and running various operating systems and applications, primarily those that require significant computing resources to achieve their goals. Such flexibility was not possible in traditional computing environments such as clusters or grid.

At the moment, HTC Cloud users have at their disposal a total of 2.400 virtual processor cores, 600 processor cores and 150 TB data space.


21 October 2021

The international conference "EGI 2021 Beyond the Horizon: Shaping the Digital Future" is being held from 19 to 21 of October. The theme of this year’s conference is shaping the digital future through advanced computer services.

11 March 2021

Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia is organizing Croatian virtual launching of the Framework programme for Research and Innovation Horizon Europe, on March 23rd 2021.