Computing and networking

Virtual data centers (VDC)

Use of virtual servers in accordance with the current needs of science and higher education institutions.

Advanced Computing

Providing computer environments for solving resource-demanding challenges.

Consulting and supporting the development of competencies for HPC

Assistance in selecting and accessing HPC resources and providing information on available courses and workshops.

eduroam – roaming access service

Simple, secure and unified access to the network via system access points in Croatia and around the world using a unique electronic identity.

CIX – Croatian centre for exchange Internet traffic

Ensuring internet exchange through CIX network infrastructure.

Other network services

Wireless network management, Borongaj campus network infrastructure maintenance, secondary domain server colocation hosting and virtual IP telephone exchange maintenance.

Housing ICT equipment in data centers

Housing of ICT equipment that is important for the work of SRCE and necessary for the Croatian academic and scientific community and in general for Croatian internet users.