CIX – national Internet eXchange Point

cix logoCroatian Internet eXchange (CIX) is a Croatian center for mutual exchange of Internet traffic (Internet eXchange Point - IXP) founded in 2000.

CIX is the central point for establishing direct communication channels between Internet service providers in Croatia. Its purpose is to avoid unnecessary traffic through third-party networks, improve the quality and security of communications, and reduce the costs of Internet service providers who exchange data with each other.

Within this service, SRCE experts design, build and maintain the CIX network infrastructure, which is distributed in two locations, implement new network services for the needs of CIX members, and provide support to CIX members and the CIX Forum activities.

Today's CIX members are commercial internet service providers in Croatia and abroad, as well as non-commercial and private networks.

Since 2008, CIX has been a full member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro‑IX), which promotes the mutual exchange of ideas and best practices within the membership.

The importance of CIX is also recognized in the National Cybersecurity Strategy, and Recommendations for the use of the national node for mutual exchange of Internet traffic have been drawn up and published accordingly with a special focus on the advantages of its use from the aspect of security of Internet traffic exchange.

Additional information about CIX can be found on the CIX website.

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