Since the foundation of SRCE, cooperation and gathering of users are essential to SRCE’s vision, mission and strategic goals. In all these years SRCE provides the community with access to e-infrastructure and accompanying services, as well as the necessary education in the use of advanced digital technologies, in order to enable the community to improve scientific-research and teaching processes and to keep pace with contemporary European and global trends.

With a view of encouraging continuous interaction and addressing the needs of communities, SRCE carries out a series of activities and initiatives, but also organizes and participates in numerous events organized by other institutions. The annual conference e-Infrastructure Days SRCE DEI, the E-learning Centre Week, Moodlemoot Croatia, Computational Chemistry Days, Pubmet Conference, participation in the implementation of numerous international and national projects and initiatives as well as the development and maintenance of various information and application systems, are a confirmation of such orientation.

In addition, cooperation with stakeholders resulted in several successful projects. Thus, in 2004, in cooperation with the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK), SRCE launched the Croatian Web Archive with the purpose acquiring and archiving online publications as part of the Croatian cultural heritage.

srce i zajednica logoIn cooperation with the publishing house Znanje, SRCE developed the Croatian Language Portal (HJP), the first and so far, the only Internet distributed dictionary database of the Croatian language

SRCE encourages an open dialogue with its communities to respond readily to the challenges caused by changes in the digital and information needs of the academic and scientific community. SRCE therefore continues to implement the Program for the Community, which we organize and implement with the aim of involving communities in the development, management and maintenance of common components of e-infrastructure and digital services.

Cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth

The Ministry of Science, Education and Youth recognized the importance of SRCE, its expertise and success in implementing numerous national and international information technology projects.   

The Ministry of Science, Education and Youth appointed SRCE as the mandate organization of the Republic of Croatia in the European Open Science Cloud Association (EOSC-A).

The Ministry of Science, Education and Youth also conferred SRCE the mandate for the coordination of the consortium of Croatian institutions that, within the framework of the European project National Competence Centers in the Framework of EuroHPC (EuroCC), constitute the Croatian Competence Center for High Performance Computing.

SRCE, with the support and participation of the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth, launched the Croatian Open Science Cloud Initiative (HR-OOZ) (CRO) in 2021, bringing together the leaders of open science in Croatia. More information about the Initiative's work are available on the Initiative's website.

SRCE continuously performs development works for the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth and creates applications and information systems in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth.

Also, within the framework of the national support system of the Horizon Europe program, SRCE provides one expert who, as the national contact person for the area Digitization in the "Digitalization, Industry and Space" cluster of the Horizon Europe program, provides quality advisory and administrative support to potential project applicants in the Horizon Europe program. Within this support system, the representative of SRCE also participates in the work of the Horizon Europe Programme Committee for Research Infrastructures.