Virtual data centers (VDC)

virtualni podatkovni centriThe Virtual data centers service (VDC) provides computer, storage, and network resources to academic and scientific institutions, catering to their needs in building virtual data centers and utilizing virtual servers based on current requirements.

The service is built on cloud computing, ensuring high reliability for all resources.

VDC offers capabilities similar to those of a traditional data center but utilizes virtual resources instead of physical ones. This allows institutions to scale their infrastructure resources according to their needs without the necessity of purchasing, setting up, configuring, and maintaining physical devices. As a result, institutions benefit from the flexibility, scalability, and cost savings of cloud computing.

The VDC service represents a significant advancement in functionality, technology, and resource management, enabling the deployment of 1800 redundant virtual servers with 10 PB of disk space. It offers users various functionalities, such as different levels of system automation based on their needs and competencies, easy access using AAI@EduHr electronic identity, the option to choose predefined actions from the offered catalog (e.g., creating pre-installed virtual machines, configuring the object storage system), and reporting capabilities. The service allows users to create snapshots of virtual machines, manage backups, and have independent control over the entire virtualized data center. Advanced users have the ability to delegate rights, manage network layers and components, allocate resources, and integrate the infrastructure with external third-party clouds.

Technical data – „Štampar“

is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation virtualization technology which among other features also provides a user portal. Data backup is performed with the additional component Veeam Backup & Replication. The disk systems in VDC use vSAN all-flash technology. For additional storage needs of user data that are less frequently accessed, such as repositories and archive data, 10 PB in the Scality program storage system, redundantly distributed in HR-ZOO's data centers, is available to virtual servers within and outside the HR-ZOO. Scality enables saving and retrieving data through S3 compatible object storage service (Amazon), and for virtual servers in VDC, through standard file protocols NFS and SMB.

Andrija Štampar

Andrija Štampar was known for promoting a multidisciplinary approach and emphasizing the importance of informing and educating society. Our VDC Štampar aligns with these values, thanks to its wide availability, which enhances the operations of public institutions, improves the management of computer resources, and enhances the educational activities of institutions in the higher education system."