IT training

University Computing Centre has been organizing ICT courses since 1972. There are more than 40 courses currently held at SRCE, either in a classroom or online. Every year around 1 000 people attend our courses and gain new computer skills.

Basic courses consist of:

  • courses in basic and advanced use of computers and Internet
  • courses in web-technologies and web-site design
  • basic Linux courses
  • one-day workshops in application of MS Office programs (exclusively for students and other members of the Croatian academic community).

Throughout our work we try to support the academic community and therefore offer our classroom courses to the community members at lower rates or free of charge. Although the workshops are exclusive, all are welcomed to attend the rest of our courses in our well-equipped classrooms at Marohnićeva 5 (University Computing Centre - SRCE). Educational materials used in our courses are being published in open access and are available for download (free of charge).

In order to make learning more accessible, we adapted some of our most popular courses to the online environment via Learning Management System. The online courses are available to everyone at any time and from any location free of charge. Since recently, our online courses have also been avaliable via the e-Građani (e-Citizens) electronic service. To access the courses visit our Learning Management System's website.