Croatian national grid infrastructure (CRO NGI) is a distributed computer environment consisting of processor and data resources located at the junction points within the Republic of Croatia.

CRO NGI is a common resource of the scientific and academic community and represents the fundamental infrastructure for the scientific research, the application of new technologies and the integration of Croatia and Croatian scientists into the European Research (ERA) and European Higher Education (EHEA) Area.  

The Coordinator of CRO NGI is the University Computing Centre (Sveučilišni računski centar - Srce). The CRO NGI Board, appointed by the Minister of Science, the Council of Partners and the Council of Users take part in the management.  CRO NGI is financed as a separate unit in the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia.

At the moment, users have at their disposal a total of 1868 processor cores, 36 graphics processors and 205 TB data space. CRO NGI is accessible for the purpose of any scientific or research projects that is wholly or partially funded from the state budget of the Republic of Croatia. Besides, CRO NGI is connected with the biggest world grid project EGI (Engl. European Grid Initiative), meaning that users have access to EGI resources as well.