Novi web Srca

SRCE has a new website!

Dear users, we have published a new website of the University Computing Center SRCE! The first SRCE’s website was published in 1995, and this is the tenth one in a row on which we have continuously published information about our services, business and news for twenty-eight years.


New repositories in DABAR

In 2023, five new repositories were established in the DABAR system, and there are more than 160 in total. The establishment and maintenance of repositories is free of charge for DABAR user institutions.

dei2023 register

Srce DEI 2023 conference

The programme of the Srce DEI 2023 conference, which takes place from 28th to 30th March, has been published, and applications for participation are now open.


Srce novosti magazine

Magazine has been issued continuously since 2003 and has four regular issues per year.

Language of the magazine is Croatian.

The magazine is in the printed form and is distributed to about 3500 addresses in the Croatia academic community. The electronic version is published on the SRCE website and is available to all interested parties; the magazine is published under CC licence: CC-BY-ND.