Digital Academic Archives and Repositories

Logo of Digital Academic Archives and RepositoriesABOUT DABAR

DABAR (Digital Academic Archives and Repositories) is the key component of the data layer of Croatian e-infrastructure, a system that enables all higher education and/or research institutions to easily establish and maintain reliable and interoperable institutional repositories. It also enables the research community to establish thematic repositories and archives.

By establishing a digital repository within the DABAR system, institutions and researchers are provided with a reliable and publicly available place to collect, store, organize, distribute and publish their digital assets, i.e. various digital objects.

DABAR is being developed by SRCE in cooperation with the academic and research community in Croatia.

Islandora has been chosen as the DABAR’s platform. It is an open source framework with the following characteristics:

• flexible and reliable repository solution aligned with the OAIS model (Fedora Repository)

• adjustable user interface (Drupal CMS)

• efficient support for retrieval of metadata and full texts (SOLR)

• adjustable entry forms

• a wide range of supported data formats: text, images, video, audio, warc.

The main goal of the DABAR system is to enable users (institutions) to manage their digital assets without having to worry about the technological issues related to the repositories. In other words, users are provided with a repository solution for long-term storage and dissemination of digital content, available under institutions’ web domain, while the installation and maintenance is SRCE's responsibility.

The architectural design of DABAR allows a wide range of various types of digital objects to be stored in the repositories. The first type of object supported by the DABAR system were undergraduate and master’s theses.

Find out more about DABAR in Novosti Srca (CRO), no. 55, September/October, or at DABAR's website.

Updates about DABAR will be available at this website, while additional information can be provided via dabar@srce.hr. If you are interested in receiving more news about DABAR, please subscribe to DABAR's mailing list. Be advised that the official communication language is Croatian.