Management and internal structure of SRCE

The following bodies participate in the management of the University Computing Centre:

  • Supervisory board
  • Director / CEO
  • Collegium / Management Board
  • Technical Council

Supervisory board

Current members of the Supervisory Board were appointed by the Senate of the University of Zagreb on November 10, 2020 as follows:

  • Mijo Đerek, SRCE
  • Professor Mladen Janjanin, Vice-rector for Arts and International positioning of the University of Zagreb
  • Mihovil Mioković, Student of the Faculty of Economics & Busines of the University of Zagreb
  • Professor Klaudio Pap, Ph.D., Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb
  • Ivica Šušak, Director of the Directorate for Higher Education of the Ministry of Science and Education

The chairman of the Supervisory board is Professor Klaudio Pap, Ph.D.

Director of SRCE

Director / CEO: Ivan Marić

Collegium / Management Board

Collegium consists of seven members:

  • Ivan Marić, director
  • Dobriša Dobrenić, Assistant Director for Computing and Network Infrastructure
  • Sandra Kučina Softić, Ph. D., Assistant Director for Education and User Support
  • Milena Mrkonjić, M. Sc., Assistant Director for Business Administration
  • Ognjen Orel, Ph. D., Assistant Director for e-infrastructure of University of Zagreb
  • Sabina Rako, Assistant Director for Development and Quality Management

Technical Council

Technical Council consists of members of Collegium and seven more members:

  • Mijo Đerek, Head of Middleware and Data Services Department
  • Emir Imamagić, Head of Computer Systems Department
  • Petra-Marija Jelčić, Head of Customer Support
  • Mario Klobučar, Head of Network and Communication Services  Department

Internal structure of SRCE

The organizational structure of the SRCE is defined by Statute. The following basic units are established:

  • Management of SRCE
  • Central Infrastructure and Systems Department
  • Network and Communication Services Department
  • Computer Systems Department
  • Middleware and Data Services Department
  • Information Systems Department
  • Educational Services Department
  • User Support Department
  • Business Department