Management and internal structure of SRCE

The following bodies participate in the management of the University Computing Centre:

  • Supervisory board
  • Director / CEO
  • Collegium / Management Board
  • Technical Council

Supervisory board

Current members of the Supervisory Board were appointed by the Senate of the University of Zagreb on November 13, 2018 as follows:

  • Tome Antičić, Ph.D., State Secretary, Ministry of Science and Education
  • Professor Mladen Janjanin, Vice-rector for Arts and International positioning of the University of Zagreb
  • Nediljko Jerković, Student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb
  • Professor Klaudio Pap, Ph.D., Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb
  • Sandra Razbornik, SRCE

Presiding over Supervisory board is Professor Klaudio Pap, Ph.D.

Director of SRCE

Director / CEO: Zoran Bekić, Ph.D. 
Deputy Director / CTO: Ivan Marić

Collegium / Management Board

Collegium consists of seven members:

  • Zoran Bekić, Ph.D., director
  • Ivan Marić, deputy director
  • Vladimir Braus, Assistant Director for Development and Quality Management
  • Dobriša Dobrenić, Assistant Director for Computing and Network Infrastructure
  • Sandra Kučina Softić, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Education and User Support
  • Miroslav Milinović, M. Sc., Assistant Director for Information and Middleware Infrastructure
  • Milena Mrkonjić, M. Sc., Assistant Director for Business Administration

Technical Council

Technical Council consists of members of Collegium and seven more members:

  • Mijo Đerek, Head of Middleware and Data Services Department
  • Emir Imamagić, Head of Computer Systems Department
  • Petra-Marija Jelčić, Head of Customer Support
  • Mario Klobučar, Head of Network and Communication Services  Department
  • Ognjen Orel, Ph.D., Head of Information Systems Department
  • Sabina Rako, Head of Educational Services Department

Internal structure of SRCE

The organizational structure of the SRCE is defined by Statute. The following basic units are established:

  • Management of SRCE
  • Central Infrastructure and Systems Department
  • Network and Communication Services Department
  • Computer Systems Department
  • Middleware and Data Services Department
  • Information Systems Department
  • Educational Services Department
  • User Support Department
  • Business Department