Successful Completion of the EGI-ACE Project

26. 7. 2023.

The EGI organization (European Grid Initiative Federation), of which the University Computing Centre of the University of Zagreb (SRCE) has been a full member since its inception, has published a publication highlighting the achievements of the EGI-ACE project upon its completion. In addition, it has released the Annual Report for 2022 and the EGI Service Catalog.

The EGI-ACE project (EGI Advanced Computing for European Open Science Cloud), which concluded on June 30, 2023, has built a computing platform for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and offers free services to enhance cross-border collaboration among researchers in 20 different scientific disciplines engaged in data and computationally intensive research. This platform is constructed on the EGI infrastructure (European Grid Infrastructure), the largest distributed computing infrastructure for research, and it combines advanced cloud computing and storage resources, PaaS services, and data space with analytical tools, enabling federated access to services. The platform is designed to provide 82 million CPU hours and 45 petabytes of data traffic per month.

Within the project, SRCE, in collaboration with partner institutions GRNET and CNRS, contributed to the construction, enhancement, and maintenance of the ARGO system for network service monitoring, incident alerting, and reporting on service availability and reliability.

In addition to its partnership in numerous projects under the leadership of the EGI organization, the Croatian National Grid Infrastructure (CRO NGI), coordinated by SRCE, is interconnected with the EGI infrastructure. This connection enables users of CRO NGI to access significant ICT resources and facilitates their overall engagement in the European Research Area.

In addition to the publication highlighting the achievements of the EGI-ACE project, we invite you to explore other new EGI publications and learn about the business activities carried out in 2022 and the services offered by EGI in its catalog.

For more information about the EGI-ACE project and other international and national projects in which SRCE is involved, please visit the Projects page, while details about SRCE's initiatives and international memberships can be found on the Initiatives page.